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These are challenging times and more so than ever business need the accountants to step up and add real real value, whether it’s advice in improving business performance or cost reduction.

This advice can deliver significant benefits and position your business to emerge from the downturn with a stronger, more secure and competitive business model.

To assist our clients in these areas our Corporate Investment & Business Advisory team provides business owners and their stakeholders with appropriate and workable solutions to ensure the business is ready to take advantage of the economic recovery.

Our Corporate Investment & Business Advisory team have the experience and expertise to assist you to identify and analyses the cause(s) of under-performance as well as recommending appropriate remedial actions to restore the business to financial health.

Our Business advisory services include:

  • Business Plans
  • Company Valuations
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Modeling
  • Cash Forecasting
  • Budgeting

Kilcoyne Accountants is a forward thinking accounting firm. We specialise in all aspects of small, medium and large businesses including consulting and development, cashflow improvement strategies, and profit maximisation. We have the resources and knowledge to help you achieve your business and personal goals.

Our vision is to be a leading provider of accounting services and business advice in our area and we aim to be recognised for delivering accurate, timely, high quality accounting and financial solutions with an open, innovative and sustainable approach.

The Kilcoyne Accountants Business Advisory team strives to be a little different from the standard accounting and financial planning practice and is continuously seeking innovative ideas to improve our services and enhance the financial wellbeing of our clients.

So Why Use Kilcoyne Accountants For Your Business Advisory Needs?

  • We believe that Kilcoyne Accountants advisory team offers a holistic and seamless service, with the ability to manage all of your needs in-house.
  • You can expect practical advice, effective cost management and a respect for your goals.
    We deliver pragmatic advice to more Irish small, medium larger enterprises and individuals who seek to prosper than anyone else. You will benefit from our commercial advice that comes from extensive knowledge and experience working with individuals and businesses.
  • We’re not just accountants – we’re a multi-disciplinary team of advisors dedicated to helping you perform and grow. Our team is made up of a diverse range of professionals including accountants, lawyers, book keepers and turnaround specialists – business people able to relate to you and to deliver outcomes to improve your productivity, competitiveness and profitability.

A partnership with Kilcoyne Accountants means you and your business will receive the necessary skills, know-how, structure and support mechanisms in place to give you the winning edge. Talk to us today.