Startup Refunds for Entrepreneurs (SURE)

If you are an employee, an unemployed person or were made redundant recently and are interested in starting your own business you may be entitled to avail of the tax refund available under SURE. An unemployed individual or an employee who leaves employment and invests by means of shares in a company, which carries on …

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How to Choose a Great Accountant

Are You A Self-Assessed Taxpayers?

If you are a self-assessed taxpayer and are interested in learning more about the USC and have questions on how that impacts you then this article maybe of interest to you. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions by self-assessed taxpayers when it comes to USC. How will the USC be collected? …

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dublin income tax accountant

Top Tips You Need To Know About Tax Deductions

Income tax time can be a dreadful season if you are not aware of all of the income tax breaks you can get through income tax deductions. It is important to understand what is tax deductible so that you can get as large of a tax refund as possible. One of the more commonly claimed …

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Research & Development Activities in Ireland

In the recent budget Minister Noonan announced the introduction of a new incentive scheme for companies engaged in Research & Development Activities in Ireland. Oddly he decided to call it the “Knowledge Development Box” If you think this applies to your business, read on, if you are interested to see one of the methods large …

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Tax Credits

There is an enormous amount of information on tax credits, so in order to stop this article turning into a novel, I have concentrated on what I believe are the most relevant. I have then listed all the other tax credits at the end of the mail. If you need further details on any of …

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