How To Reclaim VAT Paid In Ireland By A Foreign Business

The world of business is truly done on a global scale. In the past only the biggest corporations could afford to invest in opportunities in foreign markets. But with the advancement in technology and the rise of e-commerce more and more businesses are trading abroad. That means there are more foreign based companies that are …

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New Business

Top 7 Tips For Starting a New Business

Many people want to start a new business. Well starting (or re-starting) a business can be challenging but it is certainly a great time to be considering this as an option. If you have been keeping your ear to the ground you will probably have noticed that more and more start-ups and springing up. For …

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How to Choose a Great Accountant

Are You A Self-Assessed Taxpayers?

If you are a self-assessed taxpayer and are interested in learning more about the USC and have questions on how that impacts you then this article maybe of interest to you. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions by self-assessed taxpayers when it comes to USC. How will the USC be collected? …

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accounting cash reserves

Are You Building Cash Reserves For Your Business

Building a financial cushion for your business is never easy. Experts say that businesses should have anywhere from six to nine months worth of income safely stored away in the bank. If you’re a business grossing €250,000 per month, the mere thought of saving over €1.5 million euro in a savings account will either have …

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Grant – Innovation Vouchers

Innovation Vouchers – New Standard Application Round (Island of Ireland) The Innovative Vouchers scheme, which builds links between Ireland’s public Knowledge Providers and small businesses, has opened a new Standard application round for 2014. The programme’s objective is to strengthen relationships between Ireland’s education institutions and businesses to create a cultural shift in the small …

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Fraud Prevention for Business

Segregation of duties In an ideal world, segregation of duties between different employees would ensure that the authorising of transactions, the making of payments, the accepting of delivery of the assets arising from the transactions and the recording of the transactions would be undertaken by different employees. In many small and medium-sized enterprises strict segregation …

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Tax free christmas bonus

Tax free bonus for staff. Did you know you can give your staff a tax free bonus of 250 Euros this Christmas. The only condition is, it must be in the form of vouchers.   This is from the Revenue Commissioners: Does a taxable benefit arise where as a result of a company raffle or …

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