Dublin Accountants

In Kilcoyne Dublin Accountants Internal Auditors team provide a broad range of internal auditing services.

Our services include:

Financial Control Reviews
We take an in-debt look at the controls surrounding customer receipts, supplier payments, wages, expense payments and director transactions. We identify weaknesses which could lead to employee fraud or mis-statement in the accounts. We will then help you implement solutions to protect you and your business.

Risk Management
We work with our clients to identify areas of risk applicable to their company and the industry in which they operate. These risks are generally external in nature and cover areas such as money laundering, supplier deliveries, stock & cash security, litigation and NES staff checks.

Fraud Investigations
Unfortunately fraud is part and parcel of everyday business life and almost every company is subjected to it at some stage. Sometimes it’s immaterial, but it also can be serious and in some cases risk the stability of a company.

In recent years we have seen a sharp increase in serious fraud within companies and often perpetuated by perceived loyal staff. We have built up significant experience in this area and always conduct our work with the utmost integrity and consideration for yo and your business.