Invoice Format Tips

Invoice Format Tips

You have sent an invoice to your customer. They open it and it hasn’t been clearly laid out. More than likely, the customer will throw it to the side and forget about it. So, you don’t get paid. However, if you send your customer a clear, well laid-out invoice, they will be able to follow and understand it and you will get paid!

To save yourself a lot of time, consider setting up pre-designed templates. Design the invoice templates based on the customer type or the job type for example. With some of the details already filled out, you will save yourself plenty of time instead of typing it up every time.

What goes where?

From the top of the invoice to the bottom, this is what your customer should see…

1. Your details

Such as your name and contact details.

2. Their details

Identify the person or organisation that you’re billing, and include their physical or email address.

3. Invoice number and date

Make this big and bold. If you call about an invoice and quote the number, it should be easy for your customer to pick it from a pile.

4. Description of goods or services

List the products or services supplied. Put costs against each item so customers can see how the bill breaks down.

5. What the customer owes

Most people want to see the cost before anything else so bold it. Make sure you’ve applied any discounts and added sales tax.

6. Customer reference

If your customer has given you a reference or purchase order number, include it. This will increase your chance of being paid promptly.

7. How to pay

Tell them when the money is due and how they can get it to you. Include links for credit card payment, for example, or account details for bank transfers.


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